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School Name Office Location EiB Page Visit Website Favourite
WE Bridge Academy Cardiff
English+ ESP 20 (1 student)
English+ ESP 22.5 (2 students)
English+ ESP 25 (3+ students)
English+ IELTS 20
English+ IELTS 25
Stay Campus London English Language School London
Esports Talent Programme
SOAS, University of London (IFCELS Department) London
Summer Programme
Oxford International Study Centre Oxford
English Plus
Nab Cottage / English Language in the Lakes Ambleside
Baking in English
Communication and Sexuality
English, Yoga and Mindfulness
Manor Courses Brighton
General English
Residential Course
Summer Course
Harrow House International College Swanage
General English in Action Course
ETC International College Bournemouth
Military English
ECS Scotland Edinburgh
Tours Plus English: Food & Drink English course
Discovery Summer London
Global Young Leaders - ACS Cobham, 12-16 years
Bishopstrow College Warminster
Junior College, Middle College and Pre-IGCSE/IGCSE Programmes